20 Balloon Decorations That Take Your Event to the Next Level

decorations with canopies and balloon columnsParty decorations are a ‘must-have’ of any party. Before your guests have even touched your delicious appetizers or dived into your awesome punch, you have to wow them with party décor.  As they say, first impressions count—and that’s never more true than at a party where you need to choose party decorations that create the atmosphere.

As a decor vendor, we know it’s incredibly important to look for decorations that make a big impact and meet your venue requirements.  For example, if your venue requires that you don’t attach any decorations to the wall or ceiling, consider free-standing balloon decorations, which take your party atmosphere to the next level without damaging your venue.

Balloon decorations have another advantage; balloon decorations can create an interesting focal point on any surface at your party: ceiling, wall, table centerpieces.  Plus, the possibilities for balloon decorations are endless—just ask us for ideas.  Or use these over-the-top balloon decoration ideas to get your party décor brainstorming started:

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloons





Your Name in Lights (well, balloons)






Swimmingly Fun Pool Archways

ceiling balloon topairy at corporate award banquet







Ceiling Topiaries

balloon spider ceiling decoration






Entertaining (or scary!) ceiling sculpture (who says you need entertainers?)

balloon archways that look like pillars





Elegant Entrance

star achway over podium on stage





Star studded decor

poker-themed balloon column at company picnic







Playing your cards right

balloon decoration Bucky the Badger and big W sign






Mascot Fun (Bucky approved!)

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloons








rainbow balloon decoration from balcony to floor








clover balloon decoration on ceiling





“Lucky” Ceiling

checkered flag balloon bouquets





Quick Décor Victory (for the planners with not a lot of decorating time!)

balloon decoration entrance with red, lime green, orange, and blue balloons






Awe-some Entrance

graduation decorations: large balloon number 16





The “Sweet” in Sweet 16

castle balloon decorations




Castle for your Prince or Princesses

circus balloon archway







For “Clowning Around” Events

uplighted balloon column







Uplighted Atmosphere

under the sea decoration with blue balloons and dolphins and fish






Under the sea fun

balloon explosion from ceiling on guests





Unexpected Surprise! (we promise, we won’t tell your guests about this unique balloon special effect)

lighted numbers (20) balloon decorations







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