Last Minute (GREAT!) Graduation Party Ideas

graduation decorations: large balloon number 16Putting the last minute touches on your graduation party?  Or are you just starting to get your graduation party planning into gear?  No matter which situation applies to you, use these last minute tips to make your graduation party look like you’ve been planning your grad party for months.

Guide your guests into your party.

Even if you put all the information on your graduation invitation, guide your guests into your party with eye-catching decorations.  You don’t have to put up a custom neon sign, but don’t feel you have to stick to tradition either.  Be creative—you’ll wow your guests while helping them find your graduation party.

Make a statement with your entrance.

balloon archway entrance with red and white balloonsDon’t let your creativity end with your roadside décor.  Make a fun impression with a grand entrance that’ll draw people in and get them ready for a good time.

Give your guests options for fun.

Some of your guests are going to want to play, others to talk.  Give your guests who want entertainment lots of options, such as yard games, photo booths, or social media fun.

Draw people to your feature wall.

pearl pink balloon archway against wall with name 'Hannah' at graduation partyMake your feature wall a true feature—and don’t just confine your efforts to the wall.  Ceiling decorations can draw your guests to photos, a video, food, or any other notable part of your graduation party.

Don’t forget about the ‘late’ snackers.

Fed people are happy people; don’t forget to put out snacks or late-night treats for guests that are hanging out later.  It doesn’t have to be a huge course of food, but it should be something that’ll stick with them and keep them happy.

Do as much work as you can in advance.

To make sure you have a lot of time for fun, try to get as much done in advance—or hire someone who can.  If you need ideas for your graduation party, don’t be afraid to ask vendors for advice for food and decorations (after all, they’ve done this before!).  Once you’ve done all the party preparation, enjoy your party!

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