6 Tips for a Better Company Picnic This Year

balloon decoration entrance with red, lime green, orange, and blue balloonsIf your last company picnic was somewhere between ho-hum and okay, it’s time to up the ante (and fun!) at your next company picnic.  Use these tips to make sure this year’s company picnic is more than just mediocre.

Have a goal and budget

Don’t go at your company picnic planning blindly.  Have a goal, budget, and guest list that can guide you to plan a company picnic with an excellent atmosphere.

Set a theme

You don’t have to be too “themey,” but a theme can give your company picnic direction for every detail.  If your venue is not already set, select a venue that fits with your theme and budget.  If you’ve already got a neutral venue set, you can start with a fresh slate for your company picnic planning.  Some of the most common company picnic themes include a country fair, circus, picnic, casino, beach, luau, race day, or ball game.

Give a good first impression

company picnic entrance with multi-colored balloons with clownsMake a strong welcome for your guests a priority in your company picnic planning.  It’s never too early to set your theme; draw your guests into your party theme atmosphere with a strong invitation and entryway.

Use decorations to play up your theme

Good food only goes so far; use decorations to create a unique party atmosphere.  Ask your venue before you plan your decorations.  Some venues may have limitations for décor items, such as not allowing decorations to be attached to a wall, ceiling, or floor.  Balloon decorations and unique centerpieces are an excellent solution, creating atmosphere décor without damaging the venue.  For a really unique balloon decoration for your event, contact a high-quality vendor for creative décor ideas.

Have a plan B

If your venue is outdoor, or part of your event is planned outside, don’t neglect planning an alternative option in case of heavy rain or a thunderstorm.  Keep all your venues apprised of your plan B; it’ll make executing your plan B smoother and easier just in case you need to use it.

Entertain them

Since you’ve put effort into playing up your theme in every other way, put the “cherry on top” of your company picnic with entertainment.  You don’t have to hire a full band or DJ if it’s a small luncheon, but a little bit of entertainment can go a long way toward planning a better company picnic.

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