5 Football Party Ideas That’ll Take Your Party to the Next Level

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloonsThere’s football night with the boys, then there’s the annual football party that people mark on the calendar as ‘don’t miss.’ If you want to make sure your party is classified as the latter—or at least in the same stadium as the big football parties—there are steps you can take to make sure your party is a touchdown.

Roadside party decor

When it comes to party planning, it’s all about creating atmosphere—even before your guests arrive at the party.  A bunch of balloons just won’t do; instead, use your favorite mascot (ours is Bucky Badger!) as a roadside greeter, a lighted number of everyone’s favorite football player by the front step, or a humongous football to get everyone ready for the coin toss.

Fun Water Breaks

football player balloon decorationA huge water cooler or a decorated ice bucket full of water bottles (and drinks!) can make your guests feel like they’re at the game (along with a huge viewing screen!).  If you want to up the ante, add another water cooler with a special football drink the same color as your favorite team.

Football party décor snacks

Instead of throwing out another bowl of chips and dip, go bigger with your football party refreshments. Our favorite is a Badger-themed popcorn snack mix (popcorn with red M&M’s and raisins) or rice krispy footballs.  There are a million more ideas on Pinterest that’ll keep your guests talking—at the party and for years to come.

Turf Tables

bucky badger balloon decoration football party ideaIf you want o display all those creative snacks, make your refreshment table look like a football table.  We’ve seen inflatable tables you can purchase or tables covered in green carpeting that provided a great setting for your football party snacks.  For an even more dramatic backdrop, add a football player (Badger, Packer or your choice!) or a gigantic team sign behind the table.

Halftime Entertainment

Give your guests something to do during halftime, like taking selfies with a favorite mascot (or inflated football player), hosting an inflated football punting game with a fun goal post, or playing one of your favorite football games (trivia or paper football, anyone?).

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