8 BIG Car Dealer Event Sales Themes & Decor Ideas

Your auto dealership can take out sales event billboards, advertise on social media, and use these other car deal event tips all you want, but if you can’t create an atmosphere once your prospective customers walk in the door…well, they’re less likely to stay in the door. To avoid that happening at your car dealer sales promotion, use these car event sale themes—and decoration ideas—to draw your customers in and make them feel like they’re part of your event with atmosphere.

car dealer sales event decorations








balloon decoration Bucky the Badger and big W sign









Local Sports

goal post balloon decoration with red and white balloons








Football (Touchdown!)

checkered flag balloon bouquets








Racing Finish Line (Daytona 500/Indy 500)















Basketball (March Madness!)

car dealer with balloon decorations with car names and dealer names in silver balloons








Patriotic/4th of July/Labor Day/Memorial Dayballoon spider ceiling decoration








Scary Halloween

candy cane holiday balloon decoration










Christmas Holiday

Have any other ideas for the event atmosphere decor at your next car dealer event?  Choose a balloon decoration company that can create the unique decorations that match your theme.

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