School Dance Planning Checklist

school dance with mardi gras themeWhat’s the key to planning an awesome school dance? This would be an interesting point of discussion for any group, and a lot of answers would come out: decorations, entertainment, a great theme. The reality is that you need all these details to plan an unforgettable school dance—and that one person can’t do it all alone. Once you have the date and location set, it’s time to get your committee assembled and start confirming all your school dance details. To help you out, we’ve put together a school dance planning checklist to help you plan your homecoming, winter dance, prom, or any other school dance you’re planning:


Set a promotional calendar for your dance, and stick to your deadlines. Make sure you have all hands on board to get the word out. Use social media, posters, your website, your friends, and everyone else to get the word out about your school dance.


Get rid of those cheesy theme pictures in your head; a tasteful theme can give your school dance direction in almost every area of planning and take your dance to the next level. For some dances, the theme is set (such as for a winter wonderland dance). For others, you’ll have to brainstorm with your committee to come up with theme ideas. We’ve seen some great dance themes in action, such as Mardi Gras, a vintage theme (pick your era), Hollywood red carpet, or a carnival theme.


balloons and canop at school danceDecorations are a key part of your dance, so don’t wait until the last minute to set the scene for your school dance. Talk to your school or venue about whether or not you can tape decorations to the wall; you don’t want to get in trouble later for damaging property. Invest your decorations in free-standing, beautiful decorations. Contact a local décor company for a balloon heart, a “cloud” of balloons above the dance floor, letters for your entryway—all these decorations won’t damage the walls or ceiling and create a beautiful dance atmosphere that enhances your theme. Shop for centerpieces that fit with your decorations and you’ll have a beautiful room ready fit for a dance.


If your dance involves a dinner, such as a prom, hire a caterer for the meal AND for late night appetizers that can keep your guests dancing. To make sure that your budget comes out even (or in the black), get a firm quote from your caterer before you set ticket prices.


Good entertainers’ calendars fill up quickly, so a call to a DJ or a band should be one of your first contacts during school dance planning. Make sure you get a quote for services in person with any final charges or fees to ensure that they fit your budget. These simple steps, and marking off all the boxes on your school dance planning checklist, can give you a school dance to remember.

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