4 Sweet Valentine’s Day Parties Decor Ideas We Love

conversation hearts decor for valentine's day partyIt doesn’t matter what kind of Valentine’s Day celebration you’re planning—wedding, corporate event, anniversary party, school dance—you have a unique opportunity to grab hold of this sweet holiday and turn into your one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day event.  To help, we’ve listed four of our favorite Valentine’s Day party décor ideas; it’s up to you to incorporate these ideas into your own special Valentine’s Day celebration.

Anything conversation hearts
Those cute little candy hearts with even cuter messages have been around for a long time, and for good reason.  Who wouldn’t love to include those in their party—and not just in a candy bowl?  Consider finding or creating décor and centerpieces with these cute little hearts (and possibly chocolate?).

Balloon heart
balloon heart party decor Let your imagination go with this unique party center piece; you can get a huge balloon heart for a party, a million red balloons that float on the ceiling for a Valentine’s Day wedding “cloud,” or cute little centerpieces that your guests are still talking about.  Have another idea?  Contact a décor company that can create any balloon décor idea you can throw at them.

Candy table
Candy tables are a sweet favor idea for weddings, but can be incorporated into almost any kind of event as a grateful touch.  For Valentine’s Day, find your favorite treats (i.e. chocolate hearts, truffles, etc.) and put them in beautiful vases or other decorative bowls.  Finish the table with bags or containers with sweet messages, or a simple thank you, that your guests can use to take their Valentine’s treats home.

If you are trying to create a more intimate feel, such as for a wedding, dance, or anniversary party, use candles to create your ideal atmosphere.  Consider a floating candle with rose petals for a more elegant feel, or a rustic mason jar floating candle for a country or rustic feel.  To allay any concerns about fires, swap out the traditional wax candles with new, realistic-looking LED versions.

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