6 Company Picnic Theme (and Ideas to Make them Happen)

under the sea company picnic balloon sculptureAre you completely, utterly lost when starting to plan your company picnic?  Or are you trying to top last year’s boring picnic?  Whether you’re planning a luncheon for the staff, or a full day company picnic for employees and their families, start your company picnic planning the same way: by choosing a company picnic theme.  A company picnic theme connects all the dots, making every detail make sense—and adding an element of fun, even to a very formal event.

Under the Sea/Beach Party

company picnic decor: balloon arches over poolIf you’re hosting a pool party or a fun swim party, get out your inflatable toys—and use them as company picnic décor!  Contact a balloon décor company for a fun balloon sculpture (perhaps something that your guests can pose with?), balloon bouquets with a fun ocean theme for dinner/lunch centerpieces, and an archway for your pool entrance.  For really over-the-top company picnic décor, ask your décor company about an archway over your pool—and for any other fun décor ideas for your company picnic.


Think popcorn, cotton candy, games, balloons for everyone, and fun.  Get a dunk tank (and a volunteer!), bring out the ring toss game, and lay out a host of other fun yard games.  Designate a volunteer to hand out balloons and get checkered table cloths, balloon bouquets, carnival refreshments and fun decorations.

Off to the Races

checkered flag balloon bouquets at company picnicIf you want to arrange a fun ‘race-themed’ company picnic, plan a day at a track.  Rent out a room at a go-kart track, or plan a day with potato sack races, big wheel races (for kids and adults), rubber ducky races, and other race-themed fun.  Get lots of checkered flags, fast food (pun intended), and black-and-white balloon bouquets for the tables.

Take me out to the Ball Game

This theme is perfect if your venue is a park with a softball field or a day out a local ball game.  Plan your company picnic with generic baseball décor or use your local baseball team as inspiration.  Serve the traditional ball game food such as popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs.  Use invitations that resemble ball tickets, and let your guests know if an employee ball game is part of your company picnic fun.

Casino Royale

poker-themed balloon column at company picnicHost a night out or plan an employee luncheon with a high-stakes feel.  Set the theme with a balloon archway or sculpture, and up the ante with décor inside your venue.  To reinforce your theme, host a giveaway (or two) with prizes for your “winners.”

Afternoon/Night at the Movies

Roll out the red carpet for your employees, or give your employees a classic outdoor movie feel.  If you are going with the red carpet, plan an evening with a Hollywood theme: stars, sit down meal, feather boas, and an archway over your entrance.  For an outdoor movie, plan your details around the classic outdoor movie theaters.  Create a food table with decor that draws people in for movie snacks, such as balloon bouquets or archways that make people feel like a night under the stars.  When they’re done with snacks, give them a fun outdoor movie for entertainment.

Hawaiian Luau

palm tree balloon sculpture with monkeys at company picnicA Hawaiian luau company picnic wouldn’t be complete without leis, palm tree balloon sculpture, flowers, and colorful balloon bouquets and décor.  Ask your balloon decor company about specific balloons that fit with your theme, such as tropical fish, starfish, or flip flops.  If you want to be totally authentic, choose a menu with traditional Hawaiian dishes or add luau touches such as umbrella drinks.

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