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Event Party Decorations & Centerpieces Rentals in Madison
What are event party decoration ideas in Madison?
Every Madison anniversary party, bar or bat mitzvah, quinceaneras, wedding, baby shower, concert or ceremony is special, and can turn into a very unique and creative event with the right party decorations. Thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s fairly easy to today to research party decoration ideas and turn your vision into reality. Or, the alternative, to contact the professionals, such as a centerpiece rental or professional balloon company, for original and creative party decoration ideas that can set your event apart from the rest.

To ensure that your Madison party is unique and creative, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top local parties (both personal such as a wedding or anniversary and public such as concerts and ceremonies) with some of the top party decoration ideas to inspire you, and specifics, like centerpiece ideas that you can use to create a unique and creative party atmosphere.
Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas
Anniversary party theme ideas: years of marriage (i.e. silver 25th, gold 50th, etc.), throw-back to decade they met or married, favorite hobby of couple, theme related to circumstances of how they met.

Event decorations: photo board, balloon columns, balloon sculpture, cloud of balloons on the ceiling, chalk boards, signs, tulle

Centerpiece ideas: candles, flowers, candy bouquets, balloon bouquets, stuffed balloon decorations, food sculptures
Madison, Wisconsin Wedding Decoration Ideas
Wedding Decoration Ideas Madison, Wisconsin
Wedding party theme ideas: beach, picnic, rustic barn wedding, elegant, princess, fairy tale

Event decorations: balloon columns (especially around a feature table with tulle and lights), string lights, lighted balloon columns, cloud of balloons over the dance floor and dinner tables, paper lanterns, chalkboards, signs

Centerpiece ideas: Floating candles, lanterns, stuffed balloon decorations, floral (real or paper flowers), balloon bouquets (especially for a wedding picnic theme), pearls, mason jars with candles, crystal candles, jars with sand and sand dollars, vases with branches
Concerts & Ceremony Decoration Ideas
Madison, Wisconsin Concerts & ceremony event decorations: streamers, balloon columns, balloon sculpture, balloon goal posts, hanging balloon bouquets from ceiling, lanterns

Centerpiece ideas: balloon bouquets with musical note balloons, gold or silver star balloons, floral bouquets
Quinceaneras Decoration Ideas
Quinceaneras party theme ideas: fairytale, under the sea, masquerade ball, favorite color (violet, pink, etc.), paris theme

Event decorations: balloon archways, cloud of balloons on ceiling, hanging balloon bouquets, balloon columns with tulle and lighting, string lights, up lighting, tulle,

Centerpiece ideas: floating candles, floral centerpieces, jars or vases with branches, paper flower bouquets
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Decoration Ideas
Bar & bat mitzvah party theme ideas: music, glow-in-the-dark, sports, luau, retro, carnival

Event decorations: streamers, hanging balloon bouquets, balloon archways, cloud of balloons on ceiling, string lights, paper lanterns

Centerpiece ideas: candy jars, glow-in-the-dark jars, balloon bouquets, paper flower bouquets, lights, lanterns.
Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Disney Print Balloons, Baby Shower Decoration Ideas.  Madison, Wisconsin
Baby shower party theme ideas: princess, teddy bears, sports, rubber ducks, picnic, sweet baby

Event decorations: football goal posts, streamers, hanging balloon bouquets, balloon archways, cloud of balloons on ceiling

Centerpiece ideas: stuffed balloon decorations (with teddy bears, rubber ducks, etc.), candy jars, balloon bouquets, paper flower bouquets, baseball gloves, footballs and tees, lanterns, tiaras

Want more party decoration ideas? Visit our photo gallery to see what a balloon company can do for you, or contact a professional balloon company for unique and creative event decoration ideas for your event.
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