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Balloon Decorations for Birthdays, Proms and Parties in Fitchburg
What are some decoration ideas for birthday parties in Fitchburg?
No birthday party is complete without decorations---and the sky’s the limit on birthday party decoration ideas for your favorite kid, teen, or adult. We’ve listed a few of our favorite birthday party decoration ideas that you can use, or you can come up with your own DIY project or request a more original balloon decoration from the professionals.
Kid birthday party ideas Fitchburg, 53593
Kid birthday party ideas Fitchburg, 53593
Entrance: archways (i.e. princess castle balloon archway), balloon columns, hanging balloons the kids have to walk through, hanging streamers, hanging checkered flags .

Kid birthday party decoration ideas: large blow up character, balloon decorations such as a sculpture (i.e. teddy bear, large football player, badger sports mascot, large football), floor-to-ceiling balloon rainbow, balloon wall with child’s name or sports team letters, crayons balloon columns, or lighted large number sculpture.

Centerpieces: stuffed balloon decorations (balloons with smaller balloons inside), balloon animals, vases with themed décor (baseball gloves, princess beads, etc.), footballs with stands, princess carriages, alphabet blocks, monkey balloon inside of clear balloon.

Need more ideas for kid birthday party ideas and balloon decorations for birthdays near Fitchburg, 53593? Check out these kid birthday party ideas and balloon decorations for birthdays, or send your original idea or theme to us for a totally original birthday party decoration.
Teen birthday party ideas
Entrance: balloon archway with inflatable age numbers or name letters, balloon columns, glow-in-the dark lights, disco ball with lighting, snow boards, surf boards
Teen birthday party decoration ideas: candy table, glow-in-the-dark cake or cupcakes, glow-in-the-dark balloons, canopies of balloons over dance floor or pool, music records hung together

Centerpieces: balloon decorations with musical note and music note balloon, glow-in-the-dark balloons, glow sticks in jars or vases, candy jars, pool toys, balloons with glitter

Whatever kind of teen birthday party theme you’re using: pool party, glow-in-the-dark, disco, music…think fun teen birthday party decorations and entertainment that keep your teen guests going through the whole birthday party.
Adult birthday party ideas (20th birthday party, 25th birthday party, 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, 60th birthday party milestone)
Fitchburg, 53593 Adult birthday party ideas (20th birthday party, 25th birthday party, 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, 60th birthday party milestone)
Entrance: balloon archways, hanging balloons, balloon cloud over head, hanging streamers, inflatable age numbers, disco ball, happy birthday, string or up lighting

Adult birthday party decoration ideas: food sculpture table, unique lighting or string lights, balloon wall back drop, balloon sculpture, balloon archways over dance floor

Centerpieces: candle, balloon bouquets, roulette wheels, candy vases, unique food sculptures, paper flowers, stuffed balloons (balloon decorations with balloons inside large balloon)

Need more ideas for your milestone birthday party? View pictures of unique balloon decorations or request decorations that fits your unique adult birthday party theme.
What are some of our favorite school dance and prom décor ideas?
Fitchburg School dances are as unique---and as original---as you want to be. Start with a school dance theme, which can give you direction for your school dance planning. Here are some of our favorite school dance themes for your homecoming, prom, or other school dance:

• Mardi Gras
• Masquerade ball
• Winter wonderland
• Spring fling
• Royal ball
• Hollywood red carpet
• Vintage Dance (choose the era)
• 80’s Fun
• Tropical paradise

Whether you have a set theme for your homecoming, prom, or other school dance, you can play up your theme with unique school dance décor ideas, such as:

Balloon decorations: A cloud of balloons over your dance floor, balloon archways that define your picture spaces, food table, and dance floor, balloon columns with the year or with significant letters, balloon football goal posts, lighted balloon centerpieces or lighted balloon columns---there are unlimited possibilities for balloon decorations at your prom or school dance. Contact your balloon decoration pro for unique and original balloon decorations that fit with your school dance theme and make a statement.

Paper flowers: Paper flowers are a perfect school dance décor idea for a tropical paradise, spring fling, or vintage dance. Create unique paper flower centerpieces, and light them for a more dramatic effect. Or mix your paper flowers with balloon decorations (i.e. in columns, centerpieces, backdrops, etc.) for a really unique school dance décor idea.

Lighting: Lighted table skirts, prom candles with floating flowers, uplighting, a tulle and string light wall…create a beautiful school dance atmosphere with mood lighting. If you want freestanding school dance décor ideas, think faux trees (with or without leaves) wrapped in lights and scattered around the dance floor.
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